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RFID UHF CS101 Stock Checker
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RFID UHF CS101 Stock Checker RFID UHF CS101 Stock Checker RFID UHF CS101 Stock Checker RFID UHF CS101 Stock Checker

CS101 UHF RFID Tag Reader / Stock Checker

Product Code: CS101-H-1
Our Price: £2,205.00
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The CS101 is a UHF handheld RFID reader with industry leading read range and high read rate performance. It is ideally suited to fast checking of cases, pallets, warehouse shelves, moving vehicles, and other tagged items. With a full QWERTY keyboard it also allows for data input alongside tag id capture. 

It has an excellent read range of typically up to 7 meters in open space or 7-11 meters in indoor confined space with AD431 tags.

The CS101 can achieve up to 150 tags per second for selected Gen2 profiles with a peak rate of 400 tags per second.
Country specific versions in terms of European, US and Japan frequency bands are available and the CS101 has a choice of vertically linear polarized or horizontally linear polarized antenna.

The ruggedized design has passed drop tests 1.5 meters on 6 surfaces and the unit is to IP65 specification.

CS101 software development kit includes source code samples for read tag, write tag, tag inventory, tag ranging, tag search, tag authentication, tag association, tag commissioning, barcode scanning, database manipulation, wireless network transfer, server side driver, etc 


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