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ex ATEX 34mm Disc Tag (ICODE SLI)
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ex ATEX 34mm Disc Tag (ICODE SLI)

Product Code: TEC040
Our Price: £5.20
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Min. Qty. 500pcs
These high frequency tags have been especially designed for applications and processes involving harsh environment, requiring high chemical resistance and needing conforrmance to the ATEX explosion-proof standard. Because of its packaging method, using PU material, the tag can sustain temperatures up to 100°C (60°C in operation) and withstand contact with most of the solvents and acids generally used in industrial processes. This is the ISO15693 version.


  • Diameter: 34.2mm (+/- 0.3mm)
  • Thickness: 8.0mm (+/- 0.2mm)
  • Hole:  5.2mm (+/- 0.1mm) 
  • Material:  PU
  • Operating temperature: -45° to +60°C
  • Environmental rating:  IP67 (including unleaded gasoline, petroleum, mineral and vegetable oil) 
  • EX Rating:   BVS 05 ATEX E092

These  tags come in packs of 100, 200 or 500. For significant quantity orders please contact us for a lower price. 

These tags are available in a range of colours including black, red, blue and green.

These ATEX compliant tags are available in different sizes and shapes from 12mm, 14.5mm, 25mm, 30mm, 34mm, 54mm up to 90mm. 

For more information on using RFID is explosive atmospheres, read our Fact Sheet.

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