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Nordic ID GA30 UHF Antenna 

Choose from our wide range of RFID tags for all common frequencies and in many different formats for different jobs.

We offer RFID readers for mobile use and for fixed installations across low frequency, high frequency and UHF.

As NFC becomes more and more popular check out our tags and readers compatible tags with the NFC standards.

We work with some of the leading RFID technology brands such as Confidex, Omni-ID, Impinj, ThingMagic and others. Buy their RFID tags and readers here.
Our Demo Kits and Tag Packs are an easy way to try RFID. Or maybe you want the right tags and readers for a particular application? Buy them here.

We provide RFID antennas, card printers and communications adapters and other equipment essential for RFID projects.

  • Not Sure What You Need?
    What is RFID? If you're new to working with RFID maybe you aren't too sure about what you need. Have a look at our suggestions to help you to choose the right technologies for your application and the best ways to apply them.
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