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Product Description

The Power-Mapper is a worldwide battery-free RFID Field-Mapper and Power-Meter, designed specifically for RAIN Gen 2 UHF tagging Systems. Ideal for system installation, research and teaching. 


No Battery It harvests the RF power 
Range SET adjustment 0 to 14 meters (45+ Feet) 
Wide frequency range, all world regions 
Works with all Gen2 UHF RFID Readers 
Modulation output for oscilloscope use 
DC Level output for data logging or voltmeter 
0dBm measurement reference, factory CAL
What it can do: 

Shows nulls and dead spots in the RF signal 

Accurately maps the RFID field for reliable installations 

Detects which antennas are transmitting 

Tests polarisation of antennas; linear, circular and cross-polarized. 

Excellent installation, research and teaching tool 

Ideal for beam angle measurements and antenna direction setup. 

Notify-time and other transmit interruptions can be detected 

Oscilloscope output to view the modulation or for data logging the signal strength 

Fault finding, it can detect cable faults and bad connections 

It can be mounted permanently in the RF field to monitor or data log the RF power. 

dB scale for comparison power measurements. User-adjustable 

0dBm calibration switch for power measurements 

Removable antenna with grip cover, so other antennas can be tested. 


Frequency range 860MHz to 955 MHz: Europe, USA and the Far East 

Tested with dipole, linear, circular and cross-polarized antennas 

Tested for use to EN302-208, 866 MHz EU readers 

Tested for use with 915MHz US FCC approved RFID readers 

Tested for use with 922.5MHz China readers 

CE, Fcc marked and compliant with all known radio standards 

The Power-Mapper contains no lead or other banned substances, RoHs compliant 

The Power-Mapper does not transmit or radiate any RF signals 

Height 107mm, Width 71mm, Depth 41mm 

0dBm reference +-1dB accuracy; can be user recalibrated 

SMA (female) Input 50 Ohms, max power +12dBm 

Input VSWR, typically 1 to 1.03 at 889MHz; +-1 dB over the frequency range


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850MHz to 920MHz RFID Field Detector

Product Code EPI001