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850MHz to 920MHz RFID Field Detector
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850MHz to 920MHz RFID Field Detector

850MHz to 920MHz RFID Field Detector

Product Code: EPI001
Our Price: £240.00
The Power-Mapper is a worldwide battery-free RFID Field-Mapper and Power-Meter, designed specifically for RAIN Gen 2 UHF tagging Systems. Ideal for system installation, research and teaching. 


• No Battery – It harvests the RF power 
• Range SET adjustment 0 to 14 meters (45+ Feet) 
• Wide frequency range, all world regions 
• Works with all Gen2 UHF RFID Readers 
• Modulation output for oscilloscope use 
• DC Level output for data logging or voltmeter 
• 0dBm measurement reference, factory CAL
What it can do: 

 Shows nulls and dead spots in the RF signal 

 Accurately maps the RFID field for reliable installations 

 Detects which antennas are transmitting 

 Test’s polarisation of antennas; linear, circular and cross-polarized. 

 Excellent installation, research and teaching tool 

 Ideal for beam angle measurements and antenna direction setup. 

 Notify-time and other transmit interruptions can be detected 

 Oscilloscope output to view the modulation or for data logging the signal strength 

 Fault finding, it can detect cable faults and bad connections 

 It can be mounted permanently in the RF field to monitor or data log the RF power. 

 dB scale for comparison power measurements. User-adjustable 

 0dBm calibration switch for power measurements 

 Removable antenna with grip cover, so other antennas can be tested. 


 Frequency range 860MHz to 955 MHz: Europe, USA and the Far East 

 Tested with dipole, linear, circular and cross-polarized antennas 

 Tested for use to EN302-208, 866 MHz EU readers 

 Tested for use with 915MHz US FCC approved RFID readers 

 Tested for use with 922.5MHz China readers 

 CE, Fcc marked and compliant with all known radio standards 

 The Power-Mapper contains no lead or other banned substances, RoHs compliant 

 The Power-Mapper does not transmit or radiate any RF signals 

 Height 107mm, Width 71mm, Depth 41mm 

 0dBm reference +-1dB accuracy; can be user recalibrated 

 SMA (female) Input 50 Ohms, max power +12dBm 

 Input VSWR, typically 1 to 1.03 at 889MHz; +-1 dB over the frequency range