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RFID UHF Confidex Captura Tag
RFID UHF Confidex Captura Tag
RFID UHF Confidex Captura Tag
RFID UHF Confidex Captura Tag
RFID UHF Confidex Captura Tag

Product Description

Captura steps into an unprecedented level in both C1G2 tag security and usability; the tag is extremely easy and fast to attach.

Confidex Captura is a quick and easy to attach tag offering unprecedented levels of both tag security and usability. The tag comes with both mechanical and electrical seal functions and attaches without the need for adhesives, screws or other fixing tools. Just click and secure to tag the asset! 
Confidex Captura fits to any assets where there is a place to lock the hook around rails or bars up to 9mm in diameter. The tag is fixed in place by closing the attachment hook. When required, the Captura can be delivered as encoded and equipped with a barcode.
Captura provides reliable identification in 3 meter (9,8ft) wide RFID gates. It is designed to be fixed to metal structures and its intelligent patent pending design makes use of the tagged object to achieve the best possible RF performance 
Key features:
  • EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 standard compatible
  • Easy attachment to metal cages etc.
  • Ideal for most returnable transport cage applications. 
Item Description:
  • Dimensions: 57.5 x 19 x 20mm (overall including hook)
  • Attachment hook for max. 9mm diameter bar / rail
  • Casing: Impact resistant plastic
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Attachment: Integral attachment hook
  • Operating Frequency: 865 / 928MHz
  • Memory: 512 bits
  • Read Distance: Typically up to 3m in a portal 
  • Operating Temperature:  -30o to +70oC
  • Pre-encoding


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Product Code CON026/3000264

£4.60 per tag