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Disposable wristband / bracelet 13.56MHz RFID tag for medical & leisure applications.

*Picture shows printed wristband - at extra cost. Wristbands will be plain white colour as standard. 

This RFID wristband tag was designed for healthcare applications such as tracking patients in hospitals and clinics. This tag can be used for access control for amusement parks, concerts and conferences, recreational venues and more. RFID wristbands can provide automated data capture that boosts efficiency and accuracy while reducing costly and dangerous errors.

The wristband can also prevent counterfeiting of admissions, at entertainment venues and can also be used for cashless payment applications. This Tag can be written over 100k times making it very cost effective.

The tag is available with Mifare 1k/S50 chip. Other chip types are available, please contact us for details. 


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Disposable Wristbands Mifare 1k

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