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High frequency (13.56MHz) RFID tags have a wide range of applications. We work with suppliers globally to source reliable, high performance tags that can be used with the main standards such as Mifare S50, Mifare Ultralight or Plus X, NFC, and I-Code SLI. We offer tags in many different formats and with custom printing if you need it.

Keyfob Tags
Useful in applications using RFID for personal identification.
Disc Tags
Multi-purpose tags for easy attachment to assets.
Wristband Tags
Events, leisure centres, museums, amusement parks. They can all make use of RFID.
Card Tags
Often used for access control and personnel management applications.
Label & Sticker Tags
Includes tamper-detecting labels.
Lifting Industry RFID Tags
Tags designed specifically for lifting equipment (LOLER & PUWER) inspections
Glass Tags
Useful for demanding environments and embedded tag applications.