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Product Description

Omni-IDs IQ 300 labels provide on metal tag functionality, within a small, low profile, easy to deploy label. With the smallest size to performance ratio in the market, the IQ 300 also boasts a wide read performance making this an ideal choice for portal applications. Optimised for thermal barcode printers, the IQ 300 enables low cost, hassle-free RFID deployment.


With a thin profile and label presentation, Omni-IDs IQ 300 labels are ideal for on-metal applications such as:

  •  IT, office, hospital and laboratory asset tracking
  •  Logistics involving metallic packaging
  •  Intermodal logistics

Frequency Range (MHz)
: 866-868 (EU)
Material Compatibility: Optimised for metal
IC Type (chip): U-Code8
Read Range (will vary): Up to 3.6m (Fixed Reader) Up to 1.8m (Handheld Reader)
Size (mm): 65 x 6 x 1.31mm
Weight (g): 0.279 +/- 0.006
Operating Temperature: -40oC to +85oC
IP Rating: IP68
Warranty: 1 year

Additional Options (Contact us for details):

  • Printing
  • Encoding



Product Code
CP14955 - EU M730

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IQ 300 U-Code8

Product Code CP14955 - EU M730