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Nordic ID AR82
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Nordic ID AR82

Nordic ID AR82

Product Code: SCA150/NPF00003-EU
Our Price: £1,240.00

Nordic ID AR82 is a fixed 16 port reader with a computer inside and multiple connectivity options. Nordic ID AR82 provides powerful UHF RFID performance with highly isolated external antenna ports that prevents cross readings. This makes Nordic ID AR82 ideal for shelf reading. The new Nordic ID NUR2-1W module inside allows for a reading speed of up to 1000 tags/s. Its integrated computer enables installation and operation of 3rd party applications.


  • Smart fixed area reader for automated UHF RFID data collection
  • Enables real-time visibility of tagged items
  • Integrated Linux based computer for versatile SW development options
  • Cutting edge UHF RFID reading sensitivity and reading speed
  • Versatile communication options
  • Improved isolation between antenna ports to avoid cross readings