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Meet the Nordic ID EXA21 The portable RFID reader that is easily connected to any compatible Android/iOS Smart Device or to Windows 10 PC via Bluetooth low energy. Its lightweight, compact, and ergonomic design makes on-the-go data reading easier and more comfortable than ever before.

Nordic ID EXA21 is a versatile UHF RFID reader that can be fastened in various ways: on the back of a POS card reader, worn with the wrist strap, on your belt with the clip or installed where the optical sensor can trigger a read. This allows you to keep both of your hands free so you may work with ease.

Nordic ID EXA21 offers optimal read ranges for its primary use cases: flexible checkout transactions, easy in-store item location, and instant shipping incident reporting. Its smart sensors extend battery life and trigger RFID reading. We raise the convenience of RFID reading to the next level.


  • Thin and lightweight UHF portable RFID reader
  • Connect to any smart device effortlessly using Nordic ID Smart Pair
  • Built-in smartness enables longer operating times
  • Smart automatic reading capabilities for effortless operation
  • Enabling distributed mobile PoS applications
  • Make check-out queues a thing of the past by enabling mobile payments
  • ETSI European Frequency


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