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IQ Range - Labels RFID Tags
Used primarily for IT Asset tracking in datacentres and office equipment.
Adept Range - Special Purpose Tags
From a rubberized tag to fit industrial hoses, to a strap attachment tag for large cylinders and a steel-encased tag for heavy industry uses.
Dura Range - Heavy Duty RFID Tags
Deployed today in some of the harshest environments on earth – our DURA range of tags are the most rugged in the industry.
Exo Range - Encased RFID Tags
These encased tags provide the additional durability necessary for applications requiring a small footprint tag in a harsh environment: With options for on/off metal.
Fit Range - Small RFID Tags for Integration
With the highest size to performance ratio in the industry – the FIT range of tags includes a wide variety of the smallest, lowest profile tags on the market.
Dura 1500
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£5.05 per tag
Dura 3000
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£7.90 per tag
Adept 360
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£13.50 per tag
Adept 400 GS
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£7.00 per tag
Exo 800
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£3.90 per tag
Exo 750
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£3.80 per tag
Exo 600
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£3.30 per tag
Fit 400P
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£3.38 per tag
Prox NG
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£1.80 per tag
IQ 800P
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£0.55 per tag
IQ 600
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From: £375.00
£0.75 per tag
Exo 1000
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£3.30 per tag