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The Flex 600 Shell adds a hard, clear case upper on top of our Flex label tag to provide medium level protection from knocks, liquid spillage or other environmental factors. The transparent case is an ideal way to protect printed information on the label whilst still making it readable by the human eye and without any impact on the read performance. The label itself is a low profile, small form factor RFID tag designed specifically for attachment to office equipment, IT assets or RTIs. With its superior RF performance, this tag excels in portal applications where the read range can be expanded by up to 25%. The Flex 600 label on its own is well suited to indoor applications where a low-cost option is needed and the addition of the Shell makes it a cost effective semi robust outdoor option.


  • Office equipment
  • Light outdoor use
  • Portals


  • Construction: White synthetic label in encasing
  • Size (mm): 86x20x6.75
  • Weight (g): 7.12
  • Frequency: 866-868 MHz (EU)
  • On Metal or Balanced: Optimised for Metal
  • IC Type (chip): Monza R6-P
  • IP Rating: IP68


Product Code
CP14525 - EU

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Omni-ID Flex 600 Shell

Product Code CP14525 - EU