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RFID UHF Mercury Reader
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RFID UHF Mercury Reader

ThingMagic Mercury6

Product Code: A6-EU-POE
Our Price: £1,415.00
The Mercury6 (M6) is a low profile, high-performance 4-port RFID reader designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Using ThingMagic’s Mercury6e UHF RFID reader module, the M6 has both Power over Ethernet (PoE) and WiFi options allowing for flexible, low cost, installations.

Contact us for antenna options and cables.

  • Frequencies:    865-868MHz (ETSI) 
  • Antenna Ports: 4 RP-TNC Connectors
  • Host interface: wired ethernet (10/100) or wifi (802.11 b/g)
  • S/W Development: Java, .Net (C#) or C
  • S/W Platforms: Windows(Java /.Net), Linux(Java), MacOSX(Java), Posix(C)
  • Small form factor allows integration into low profile portals.
  • IP52 environmental rating provides dust ingress protection and water resistance.
  • Transmit power at +5 to +31.5 dBm, delivers superior performance.
  • Tag read performance allows for up to 10m read range and read rates of 400 tags/sec.
  • Ethernet powered for minimum installation costs or AC powered with Wifi connectivity.

Note for developers:

Applications to control ThingMagic Reader products, can be written using the high level MercuryAPI. The MercuryAPI supports Java, .NET and C (for on-reader applications) programming environments. A fuller description can be found in this Developer's Guide. The MercuryAPI Software Development Kit (SDK) contains sample applications and source code to help developers. 

Power supply is EU

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