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Tibbo DS203 Serial Device Server
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Tibbo DS203 Serial Device Server

Product Code: TIB001
Our Price: £124.00
Power Supply
The DS203 is the newest member of Tibbo Serial Device Server family and replacement for the Tibbo DS202. Notable enhancements include 100BaseT Ethernet port, large routing buffers, additional programming modes, wide supply voltage range and significantly smaller external dimensions.

The DS203 is internally based on the EM203-EV Ethernet-to-Serial Board (and EM203 Module).

Hardware Features:
  • Stylish and very compact, external dimensions only 60x47x30mm
  • Extended power supply range: 10-25VDC
  • One 100BaseT Ethernet port
  • One RS232 serial port (TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR)
  • Six LEDs display status information
  • Internal firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network
  • DS203-SK Starter Kit available
  • CE- and FCC-approved
Fixed Firmware Features:
  • Offers full backward compatibility with the original DS100 Serial Device Server.
  • RTS, CTS, DTR, and DSR lines can be used as remotely controlled I/O
  • Extended 16KByte internal routing buffers
  • Onboard EEPROM stores numerous user-definable functioning parameters (settings)
  • Setup (configuration) through the serial port or network (over-the-network IP-address configuration is also supported). Network setup can be performed using UDP commands or "Telnet" TCP connection
  • Specialized "on-the-fly" commands for serial port control, "modem" commands to control network connections, status commands for remote status monitoring, etc.
  • Supported network protocols include UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP (PING) and DHCP
  • Works with Device Server Toolkit (DST) for Windows, including Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPD) (COM redirector)
  • LINUX version of the VSPD is also available
  • Works with TIBBO.NET

Customers previously using the DS202 can use the DS203 with no changes required.

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