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The 2128 UHF RFID Reader introduces the revolutionary, patented TSL® ePop-Loq® connector. The ePop-Loq® system allows data and charge connections to be passed from the reader to an attached device, such as a smartphone or handheld terminal.  The unique ePop-Loq® system is also designed to safely separate when the reader is subject to large impacts, such as when dropped. 

The 2128 Docking Station allows charging of both the 2128 UHF RFID Reader and a smartphone or handheld terminal attached via an ePop-Loq® mount. This unique design can accommodate a wide range of devices from many handheld and smartphone manufacturers. The 2128 Docking Station Kit is supplied separately and includes the docking station, power supply unit and a USB data cable.

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TSL 2128 Bluetooth UHF Reader

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