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The 2128P UHF RFID Reader builds upon the 2128 UHF Reader by including a larger, fixed High Gain antenna for up to 9 m (29.5 ft) of read range. As per the 2128 UHF Reader, the patented TSL® ePop-Loq® connector allows data and charge connections to be passed from the reader to an attached device, such as a smartphone or handheld terminal.  The unique ePop-Loq® system is also designed to safely separate when the reader is subject to large impacts, such as when dropped.

The 2128P UHF RFID Reader can provide in-reader tag de-duplication for more than 50,000 unique tags from more than 1 million tag reads. In addition the Reader can store on-board (using the embedded micro SD card) more than 500 million unique tags with date and time stamping for a truly powerful batch collection mode of operation.

Sophisticated user feedback and embedded processes and accelerometers provide the most configurable, in-depth and capable search and find features currently available.

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Product Code
BCO056 - 2128P-EX1

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TSL 2128P Bluetooth UHF Reader

Product Code BCO056 - 2128P-EX1