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The 2173 Bluetooth® HF/LF RFID Reader enables a compatible Bluetooth® host device to read and write a wide variety of HF and LF RFID transponders as well as capture 1D and 2D barcodes (imager version only). These can be typed into any application on the host device using the Bluetooth® HID keyboard mode. Alternatively, the reader can be commanded from an app on the host device. As the 2173 uses the existing TSL® ASCII 2 Protocol, developers can take advantage of the comprehensive, free SDKs provided by TSL® to develop in Xamarin, Java, Objective C or .NET.


  • Multi-Band, Multi-ISO RFID read/writing this will read both HF RFID tags including:

HF transponders at 13.56 MHz ISO 15693, ICODE (I & II), the complete Mifare family of ISO 14443 (A&B)

NFC standard ISO 18092 ECMA-340

LF tags at both 125/134.2 kHz

  • Supports Manufacture-specific transponders, including:

HID, NXP, EM Microelectronics, ATMEL and Texas Instruments

  • Operating System Independent compatible with:

Android, iOS, Windows 10 and UWP (Universal Windows Platform)

  • High Performance Barcode Scanning for 1D and 2D data capture:

Integrated class-leading Motorola SE4500 engine with fast pulse illumination and motion tolerance

  • Micro SD Data Card Slot with real time date clock:

Allows data collection with time stamp which can be independent of host connection or Bluetooth connection

  • Small form factor, ergonomic, lightweight:

Allows dexterity of operative

  • Extensive free software support and easy integration:

Uses the existing TSL® ASCII 2 Protocol

Comprehensive free SDKs in Xamarin, Java, Objective C or .NET

Barcodes can be typed into any application using the Bluetooth HID keyboard mode

This Model (2173-BT-LF-HF-IMG)

2173 Wearable Bluetooth LF/HF RFID Reader with 2D Imager, LF/HF Antenna,  Micro USB Cable, USB Charger


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TSL 2173 Bluetooth LF/HF Reader

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