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What is RFID?

Put simply, it is the use of electronic devices that use Radio Frequencies to IDentify things. In an RFID system a transmitter, reader or scanner sends out a radio signal that causes another device (the "tag") to send back its identity and other data. Using this simple principle, it is possible to build systems that allow computers to "know" about objects in the world around them. 

We work with some of the leading suppliers of RFID technology. Our experience with companies such as xerafy, omni-ID, Elatec, Impinj, Thingmagic, and Confidex together with the fact that we have worked with all major RFID standards across high frequency (including NFC), low frequency, and UHF means we are ideally positioned to help uou to chose the right approach. If you would like to discuss your project, just contact us using the email and telephone contact details above.